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Kitchen Thermometers & Timers, Thermocouple Instruments, Electronic Timers, Digital Timers, Freezer Thermometers, Fridge Thermometers, Oven Thermometers, Pocket Test Thermometers, Weighted Griddle Probes, Grill Surface Thermometers, Meat Thermometers, Long Ring Mechanical Timers, Infrared Thermometers for sale in Auckland, New Zealand.

Digital Test Thermometers (6)
Hang Sell & Stem Test Thermometers (12)
Thermocouple Instruments (13)
Timers (4)

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Accu Tuff Probe Thermometer

Air / Oven / Freezer Probe

AquaTuff Waterproof Thermocouple Instrument

Bell Surface Probe - Angled 

Cold Stick Product Simulator

Digital Pocket Test Thermometer

Digital Pocket Test with Temperature Alarm  

Dura Needle Probe 

Econo Temp Combo Pack 

Econo Temp Thermocouple Instrument 

Espresso Thermometer

Four Station Timer

Frozen Product Needle Probe

Fry Vat Probe

Grill Thermometer

Hot Holding Cabinet Hanging Thermometer

Long Ring 60 Minute Mechanical Timer

Meat Thermometer

Micro Needle Probe

Micro Needle Probe With Cable

Multi- Station timer

Oven Thermometer - Hanging

Oven Thermometer Hanging - Twin Value Pack

Pen Style Digital Pocket Test Thermometer

Pocket Test Plus™ Thermometer / Timer

Pocket Test Thermometer

Pocket Test Thermometer - Twin Value Pack

Probe Cleaning Wipes (Box of 200)

Refrigerator / Freezer Hanging Thermometer

Refrigerator / Freezer Hanging Thermometer Twin Value Pack

Refrigerator / Freezer Horizontal Thermometer - Twin Value Pack

Soft Carry Case

Stop Watch Timer

Time & Temperature Monitoring

Weighted Griddle Probe 

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