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Pressure fryers, cvap cook & hold equipment

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Winston 285ml DO/F available in packs of 6 to 72 ea.

Pack Size :

Winston 355ml Hi Ball Glass available in packs of 6 to 72 ea.

Pack Size :

Filter paper 16.75” x 22.5”.  1 case of 100 envelopes for use with Shortening Filter.

Eight channel programmer. Allows a variety of food to be deep fried without flavour transfer.

This unique process controls moisture evaporation and saturation, so crisp foods stay crisp, and moist foods stay moist. Two electronic differential control dials are easy to understand and reliable. Never needs field calibration. 

CVap Holding Cabinets are designed for high quality holding of a wide variety of menu items for extended times. They can be used for profing, holding and serving.

Patented single-leaf filter plate pulls the carbon particles and other substances from the shortening. Portable design allows for the filtering of one or multiple fryers. Quick disconnect provides safe operation.

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